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About Cynthia
Holistic nutrition and health promotion and disease prevention has been a lifelong interest. My broad range of study and training has greatly enhanced the benefits I bring to the practice of Classical Homeopathy and ultimately to those who are helped by it.  A Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles and a Master of Public Health (MPH) from UCLA complement past health care experiences with people of every age and background including eldercare and hospice, reproductive health and primary care, developmental disabilities in children, pediatric hospitalization, rape crisis intervention and head trauma recovery. No matter what the setting, holistic health and prevention have always been my main concern. I am also a long-time yoga practitioner and former yoga instructor specializing in those with health limitations and I am devoted to helping others expand their knowledge and skills in healthier lifestyle practices for themselves and their families.

Throughout my health career, I have routinely helped others navigate the trends in diet and nutrition, disease treatment and health care delivery. It became a natural fit for me to begin my post-graduate training in Classical Homeopathy at The School of Homeopathy in Devon, England with Misha Norland which, after three years of full-time study and clinical training with leading homeopaths, led to advanced clinical training at its satellite program in New York (Diploma, School of Homeopathy, DSH), the first four-year clinical training program in the U.S.  My background training in health care includes fundamentals of nursing and pharmacology, chemistry, microbiology, anatomy and human disease pathology with special attention upon homeotherapeutics, acute and chronic diseases and the prevention of such through the application of the art and science of homeopathy.  Aside from many classical practitioners and authors, a constant source of daily inspiration for me are the many leading American, Canadian, Indian and European homeopaths from various schools of thought who have trained me over the years. Several weeks per year, I  am mostly mentored and taught by a leading European clinician with over 35 years experience, Henny Heudens-Mast.  I now, in turn, mentor and supervise homeopaths-in-training here in the U.S.A.

I of course enjoy taking an active role in my local community to share my passion and vocation with others.  As an experienced public speaker I can make presentations that fit the needs of your group or organization. I support the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH), an educational organization working to increase awareness about benefits of homeopathy in the US health care system.  I am also a member of the Holistic Pediatric Association (HPA) and I volunteer with the Council for Homeopathic Certification, a professional organization which sets the standards for the practice of Classical Homeopathy in North American.

About Classical Homeopathy
Classical Homeopathy is a systematic therapeutic which does not limit its concerns to controlling individual symptoms or disease as they crop up but rather seeks to restore physical, emotional and mental health all at the same time.  This method gently and safely strengthens your innate ability to heal when you are under more strain in your life than you should be. The goal here is to lower your susceptibility or tendencies to illness, at whatever level, in the least invasive, most rapid and permanent manner possible.  Healing with homeopathy happens when you work with signs and symptoms of illness rather than against them. 

As a Classical Homeopath, I respect your innate power to heal, (your "doctor within") in an unusual way because I locate the single best homeopathic remedy tailored just for you.  It is wisest to consult with an experienced and qualified Classical Homeopath when seeking homeopathy to help with your more complex or chronic health concerns since locating the correct remedy can often confuse beginners. An experienced Classical Homeopath skillfully applies this method to identify and match the totality of your symptoms to those mimicked by a homeopathic remedy (heal like illness with like remedy).  Finding the correct match is not unlike experiencing a tonic for your whole being, (mind, body and spirit all at one time).

About History of Classical Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann, Founder of Classical Homeopathy

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