Thank You Notes (alt)

Cindy is a compassionate, expert classic homeopath who seems to have devoted her entire being to helping people here and all over the world. I have been going to her for a chronic issue revolving mainly around emotions. I got tired of going to doctors every couple months for antibiotics, they don’t seem to understand that they are not treating the whole person and that everyone has a different makeup, we are not all the same. I have been going to her since I believe 2012. After our family’s first meeting with her it is undeniable that her passion and focus is on helping children and adults lead a healthy life. I highly recommend her practice.


Cindy, I wanted to let you know that after Mark took the remedy his sinus issue is 95% better, (within 24 hours or so.) He was so very happy, couldn’t say enough about how happy he was! So thank you and thank you for getting back to me so quickly today, that’s very kind of you, I know how busy you are.


My experience working with Cynthia Chrisman and New Harmony Health has been amazing. There have been too many positive results to list, so I will just mention a few. My son had seen Cynthia many years ago and was so pleased with the results he experienced that I never forgot his praise for her. So when my daughter was dealing with several issues with her young children, I encouraged her to call Cynthia. After engaging Cynthia, my daughter told me, “She is exactly what you would hope to be like in a perfect world.” Shortly after this description, I began seeing Cynthia, as well. Shortly after my initial visit, I received a remedy to try. The results were so dramatic that I thought it might be all in my head, the placebo effect. It wasn’t, however. I was so impressed by this improvement. As winter approached, I began dealing with a long bout of coughing and congestion. At first I didn’t think to call Cynthia to ask if she could help me, but my daughter suggested I reach out to her. I called her and she suggested a different remedy and some simple instructions, which I followed. I almost instantly felt soooo much better . . . stopped coughing that very day and the post nasal drip went almost completely away. I took the first dose of 2 tsp. the first day. Took 1 tsp. the second day. Continued to feel much better, including more energy and better sleep. Continued to feel good and still feel good.

My family has experienced so many incredible improvements to their health. I recently recommended a good friend to bring her 2-year-old son to Cynthia. She is thrilled with the results so far and is so grateful for the experience with New Harmony Health and homeopathy.

I highly recommend this very gifted healer to all who are looking for an alternative approach to health.


Cindy, I thought you would be interested to know that Miranda’s lungs are almost entirely clear and is doing well. Her pediatrician was SHOCKED at how well she was doing….. He was impressed with her progress.


I’ve been working with Cindy for well over 10 years now. She has seen me through numerous major changes in my life as well as crises, both physical and emotional. I hate to even imagine how I would’ve managed without her expert help. I saw another homeopath years ago but didn’t see any results. The remedies Cindy has chosen for me strengthen and center me. Sometimes their effects are nothing short of miraculous- immediately!!! I consider her a brilliant homeopath and essential to my health and general well being.

K.R., RN