New Harmony Health Philosophy:

Who I Serve?

Prevention and self-knowledge come together in my practice to advance changes for the good. I devote 100% of my time to the practice of Classical Homeopathy. I specialize in serving adults and children, alike, including entire families who seek my help at various stages of illness or recovery, often in conjunction with other methods of health care, including psychological care. More frequently than before, people choose homeopathy before antibiotics, for instance, and many of their physicians and health practitioners do not oppose this choice. Many with health issues first reach out for help with homeopathy because of the impressive results they experience in themselves or see in their children and relatives. When coming for help, feel free to discuss your personal concerns about health care decisions, including other holistic approaches and about diet, exercise, health habits and stress reduction to address your or your child’s unique constitutional requirements or tendencies in each pursuit from the perspective of Classical Homeopathy.

What I Treat?

No particular homeopathic remedy suits all cases of a given disease. My clients ask me, “What is the remedy you would use for migraines, acid reflux, asthma, menopause, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, foot fungus, warts, etc. or for reducing my autoimmune disorder, inflammatory markers, high cholesterol, chronic back pains or vertigo?” They also ask about various neuropsychological issues, too. “What is a good remedy for panic attacks, anorexia/bulimia, ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), etc?” I commit to personalized care management, even during minor illness and do not suggest “this remedy for that disease” without in-depth attention and consideration. If another practitioner who is not well-trained in Classical Homeopathy suggests a homeopathic remedy for a given problem, their client often confronts limitations in how the remedy works for them. Classical Homeopathy, as originally taught by Samuel Hahnemann, its founder, offers a deep-acting and more permanent approach to resolving complaints. Homeopathic treatment must focus upon the unique person with an illness, diagnosis, pathology or disorder, not their so called “disease,” or “syndrome” or “symptoms.”

How I Treat?

Just as no two individuals with the same disease are alike, no two homeopathic treatment plans are alike. It is crucial to adjust for individual age, vitality and illness for each case and this requires experience, training and flexibility on the part of the practitioner. The goal in every case, in terms of remedy selection, remedy potency and frequency of administration, is to keep the remedy acting in the gentlest manner possible for as long as is required. Sometimes, when healing is underway, there is nothing required at all. I understand how to assess the minimum strength necessary in each case and will help you learn about your various remedies and their various uses at any given time. In my experience, remedies are often more successfully used in water dosing at consistent intervals, depending on your personal sensitivities and tendency toward illness, whatever may be in the foreground. Remedies available to you in health stores are sold in limited form (i.e. only in pellet form, in set potency number or mixed with conflicting remedies) and are often taken without supervision until an unnecessary flare-up of symptoms occurs. To avoid this, I will help you avoid this and assist you better in purchasing the potencies or the appropriate remedy kits you may need for you or your family. Given your unique constitutional tendencies, I will consult with you about current and future vitamin herbal regimens and/ including over-the-counter medications which best promote, not hinder, you or your child’s recovery at any given time (see more HERE).


The healing virtues of Classical Homeopathy practiced here at New Harmony Health is one of the most coherent, simple, yet profound health care and disease prevention choices you will experience. For individuals and families of every variety, I involve you in taking a current snapshot, against the long view, of how to solve your health problems better by connecting inherited and/or acquired origins of a current illness to their past as well as their future outcomes. Because I avail myself to you periodically for several months, if not years, it can often include the remainder of a lifespan, no matter what the stage. Classical Homeopathy is based upon assisting you or your child to strengthen and ultimately shift your susceptibilities or tendencies toward illness, ultimately building a stronger tomorrow for generations to come.

Men and women in my homeopathic practice who face intense work or family stressors, for instance, will come to understand better, as each homeopathic remedy works to replenish energy and restore imbalances, how their unique stressors are reflected in their personal health status (past, present and future) as well as how to outgrow and change stagnant conditions. The important point is that when homeopathic methods are correctly applied and skillfully integrated into total care, chronic issues respond equally as well as minor health issues, because they are resolved more permanently over time, mental, emotional and physical, all at once.

Babies and children undergo rapidly changing developmental challenges. When they receive homeopathic health care periodically to assist them to adjust to their unique physical and emotional demands of certain developmental milestones, they often prepare better during their long school careers for a life away from the parental security of home.

Total care in this way primarily involves reducing, if not arresting, chronic or degenerative complaints, ultimately saving valuable time and money by preventing them from returning later (if in your adult years) or from occurring in the first place (if in childhood). The important point is that when Classical Homeopathy homeopathic methods is correctly applied and skillfully integrated into total care, chronic issues respond equally as well as minor health issues, because they are resolved more permanently over time, mental, emotional and physical, all at once.


Those in my practice DO experience short-term illnesses such as viral flu and fevers, colds and coughs, allergies, ear infections, sore throats, stomach flu and diarrhea, menstrual cramps, bladder infections, poison ivy, hives, burns, boils, head injuries, motion sickness, etc. As they I help clients every day learn better means of how avoiding more expensive or toxic over-the-counter and prescription medications as they learn about simple home measures used by their foremothers for self-care or for nursing their loved ones back to health. These complaints respond very well to homeopathy, when well-chosen and indicated and my experience includes the quick response time and skill necessary to assist you or your loved ones during the recovery process.


The leader in setting the standards for excellence in the field of homeopathy in the United States is the Council for Homeopathic Certification. This council focuses upon the training and qualifications in the specialized field of Classical Homeopathy, the original and scientifically pure foundation of homeopathic medicine necessary to promote recovery from deep seated, chronic tendencies. To round out professional training in homeopathy, it is highly recommended that practitioners in this specialized field undergo professional supervision by someone who holds the proper credentials only after completing the formal requisite homeopathic training required. This is the minimum standard in our field.

I provide private and/or group supervision to such professionals who are at advanced levels of study. I have mentored homeopaths-in-training who are medical physicians, naturopathic physicians, psychologists, acupuncturists and second-career professionals. Ideally, supervision is provided in my office locations where we see can see clients together but I have also successfully provided “virtual” services by phone/Skype and, in some cases, I have traveled to accomplish this goal.