The Basics

Locating the correct remedy can often confuse the inexperienced home prescriber or health professional due to the knowledge and research required. To help with your more complex or chronic health concerns, it is wisest to consult with an experienced and qualified Classical Homeopath. A vital part of improving how well you fight off infections is how I manage remedy selections with you as they unfold over time and how supported you feel as you cope with life’s stress and strain in body, mind and spirit.


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Why choose a Classical Homeopath?

Prevention is the best health insurance your money will buy. My goal is to see your level of health improve so you don’t have to return as often. Choosing homeopathy first choice gives your system a chance to heal and strengthen before having to resort to drug or herbal therapies, or surgery. Especially in complex health complaints, we must focus on overcoming deep tendencies toward illness or disease and maintaining optimal levels of health throughout the lifespan. 


How do you help me improve my health?
Most health concerns, physical or emotional, will respond well to the correctly chosen remedy. But the accuracy of choosing the correct each remedy for yourself or your family can be somewhat challenging. Remedy choices broadly differ and may change from time to time depending upon age, lifestyle and energy levels, past medical and family health histories. Once resolved, you need only return if your level of health declines for any reason.


How do I prepare for an appointment?
Schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consult so I can answer all your questions (link to FREE 15 min appt). With flexible office hours, I am often able to see you in my Cambridge or Berkshire offices within two weeks. If you need a home visiting arrangement, please ask, I have experience doing so.  After we make contact, I disclose important practice policies and fees to orient you to our working relationship. Using my brief Health Profile, you bring a list of questions or health concerns. On return visits, you return to report any changes or reactions you have noted down since the last remedy to help us choose the next indicated remedy.


What are visits like and how often do I return?
Your first visit is about two hours; we investigate your entire health history in detail. Follow-up visits (6-8 weeks apart at first) last about 30-45 minutes, depending on how you are feeling and what sort of complaint you have. A slowly developing complaint or one of many years may not disappear right away but perceived healing may begin within weeks. In acute or more urgent ailments, progress can be very fast, often minutes or hours.


What conditions can homeopathy successfully address?
I will address your unique problems as a whole; I do not “treat” or “diagnose” your conditions, per se (link to Policies). Too many ailments exist to mention here and some do not even have a “diagnosis.” Learn how I might meet your specific needs here (link to FREE 15 min appt). 

What about my diet, lifestyle and the environment?
Common sense exercise and optimal diet, sound sleep and stress reduction are a vital part of preventing illness and maintaining a good level of health. I consistently review these unique details about you to help remove unsuspecting barriers to your health and vitality. I also have a keen interest in the effects of potential environmental hazards on your health, past or present and will ask about them. I offer referrals and recommendations as needed.


Why does a whole person approach matter if you are helping me with my current concerns?  
Some regard a homeopathic approach as “slow yet sure”, opposite of “quick fix” approaches. A deeply curative (and sometimes rapid) homeopathic response is possible because it works systemically upon the person with complaints, not upon body parts or complaints alone. Homeopathic health care is not conventional “disease care” where medicines combat local symptoms. I regard your personal traits or energies in the face of illness while prioritizing disease prevention over the long term. For many in my practice, this common sense approach is a lifetime commitment and education in getting well and staying that way.


Can I use homeopathy while taking other medications?
Yes. Homeopathic doses work at a different level than other substances do. They do not metabolize in or tax your kidneys, liver or other biochemical processes of the body like medications, herbs and vitamins will. A well-indicated remedy taken in the correct dosages improves energy overall, potentially stimulating your body to decrease its dependency on unnecessary medications or supplements. This takes training and experience and working along side your other providers to help you monitor these types of changes is critical. I refer you to appropriate practitioners, or back to your primary physician or dentist to perform lab tests or other procedures, as needed.


What are the benefits of using homeopathic remedies?
Regulated by the FDA since the 1800s, they are derived from a wide variety of naturally occurring substances and diluted until minute traces remain. Thus, they are inexpensive, easy to take and have a very long shelf life. Environmentally, they do not pollute nor use up vast natural resources like pharmaceuticals or herbs do and they are never tested on animals. “Side effects” or dependency do not exist when correctly prepared and used. Watch how remedies are made at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in London (insert link to video on resource page).

Do I have legal protection as your client?
Yes. Health “consumers” do not have the protection they would always like or deserve. Protect yourself from under-qualified providers who lack the knowledge and expertise you are paying for.

You have a right to expect and ask for full disclosure before receiving homeopathy from any practitioner and/or from any provider of health services. I disclose my policies to you in writing before our first meeting. Expect full disclosure of accredited training, degrees, certifications, licenses and experience; service fees; a summary of services; information about assessment and recommended services. Also expect to read them carefully before our meeting and come prepared.

How does the profession of homeopathy protect the public?

To protect the public, professional homeopaths have practiced under well-established and nationally accredited minimum standards of best practices. The Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) is a nationally accredited examination organization with the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) that qualifies practitioners and annually renews certification in classical homeopathy (CCH) in the U.S. and Canada. The Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA) promotes excellence in homeopathic education institutions, clinical training and supervision. Eligible candidates for the CHC certification exam must first complete extensive classroom and clinical training hours with an ACHENA approved institution.


Who upholds “consumer” rights when seeking holistic health services?

The role of government is to protect the public from harmful products or practitioners, without bias toward a particular product or service that may be influenced by money or political gain. The government primarily ought to protect the public from harm, leaving freedom of choice of health service and practitioner to the “consumer.” The National Health Freedom Coalition promotes the right of “consumers” to choose as many alternative health care options as they deem fit.

As long as conventional health care delivery fails holistic-minded “consumers” the trend in opting for alternative health care will continue. The Complementary and Alternative Health Care Freedom Act protects the public by bringing holistic health care, including homeopathy, under guidelines set by each state health department. For homeopathic practice, this trend began in MN, CA and RI, and continues to expand. Search the National Health Freedom Coalition for your state health freedom act.


Choosing a homeopath


How do I interview a homeopathic provider?

DO YOUR RESEARCH. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Homeopaths differ greatly in training and experience. “Gut” feelings are very helpful during your search process. I suggest asking things like:

What is your experience with someone like me?
Some homeopaths do not work with young adults, teenagers or children, for instance, so be sure to ask whether they have appropriate experience. You can get a good idea after a short phone call about which kinds of age, lifestyle, or unique health condition they are familiar with.


What percentage of your practice involves homeopathy?
The practitioner who spends 100% of their time practicing homeopathy is qualitatively very different than someone else who spends their time practicing in another field and uses homeopathy from time to time. Your practitioner should spend at least 75% of their time practicing homeopathy. Some practitioners primarily practice another discipline (i.e. conventional medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, psychotherapy, or nursing). They may only add homeopathy as an “adjunct” therapy from time to time.


What is your background? 
Whether a medical doctor or not, make sure the practitioner holds at least a CCH, Certification in Classical Homeopathy, or its equivalent. Search here to find out whether a CCH homeopath in your area is in good standing at the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC). This means they have met the minimum standard of professional training and continuing education requirements, including the medical and scientific knowledge in homeopathy necessary to help you. Experience in the medical field is an asset, but a conventional medical degree is not required to become an accurate and knowledgeable homeopathic practitioner.


How do I locate a qualified homeopath for my family or friends in another state? 
Few “homeopaths” have met minimum standards of practice, especially in small towns. Expect to travel in some cases, at least to the first visit. The following organizations list homeopaths with various training and qualifications by state:

Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC). Search for practitioners with an accredited certification in classical homeopathy (CCH professionals) at this credentialing organization.

North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH). Search for practitioners registered with this professional membership organization.

National Center for Homeopathy (NCH). Search for a variety of practitioners at this consumer education organization.