Cynthia no longer accepts homeopathic appointments for existing or new homeopathic client appointments. See below for available services.

Schedule with Cynthia’s Client Liaison and colleague, Kamala Ramasubramanian, BHMS, CCH
Cynthia’s existing clients may opt to transition as Kamala’s new client by scheduling directly with Kamala. She will assess your care plan as a new client. She may also opt for supervision with Cynthia to bridge continuity of care. Please schedule with Kamala here:


Schedule with Cynthia’s colleague, Begabati Lennihan, RN, CCH
Cynthia’s existing clients may opt to transition as Begabati’s new client. She is also qualified to address your homeopathic health needs. Please schedule with Begabati here:

Schedule through Practitioner Directories (search by state)

Council for Homeopathic Certification (professionals with nationally recognized certification, Certification in Classical Homeopathy, CCH)

Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (naturopathic physicians who practice homeopathy)

American Institute for Homeopathy (medical doctors who practice homeopathy)

Homeopathic Nurses Association (nurses who practice homeopathy)

Other Organizational Directories:
The National Center for Homeopathy (an educational clearing house for consumers)

North American Society of Homeopaths (a professional membership organization)

New Upcoming Service: For those with chronic complaints who are familiar with homeopathy, Cynthia plans to offer an exclusive healing service that integrates homoeopathic principles with personal writing practices.

Writing into Healing
Writing into Healing will offer a unique experience in self-reflective transformation. Check back in February 2024 to learn more and schedule an inquiry call. Thank you for your interest and the continued opportunity to work together.

To health and to life.

Classical Homeopathy
Time-tested Method

A drug-free and affordable experience in preventive health care. Make a lasting connection with someone who values your freedom to make decisions for yourself.


Meet Cynthia

“Healing is transition: it takes place when working with nature, not against it.”

I began New Harmony Homeopath in 1996. I bring a broad range of skills and knowledge to the specialty, Certification in Classical Homeopathy. A Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles and a Master of Public Health (MPH) from UCLA complement a lifelong interest in holistic health and disease prevention, with a special focus on using food, not drugs, as the primary medicine for your body, mind and spirit. Prior to my many years of professional homeopathic practice, previous health care positions include eldercare and hospice, reproductive health and primary care, developmental disabilities in children, pediatric hospitalization, rape-crisis intervention and head trauma recovery.

“I highly recommend this very gifted healer to all who are looking for an alternative approach to health.” ~L.H.

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