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Cynthia Chrisman

Meet Cynthia

At New Harmony Homeopath, I am devoted to helping others expand their knowledge and skills in healthier lifestyle practices for themselves and their families. Over my lifetime, I have experienced my own health challenges and am devoted to helping others expand their knowledge and skills in self-healing techniques and healthier lifestyle practices for themselves and their families. Throughout my career, I have helped others navigate trendy health care alternatives, disease treatments, diets and nutrition. By the mid-90s, it became a natural fit for me to begin post-graduate training in Classical Homeopathy at The School of Homeopathy in Devon, England with Misha Norland which, after three years of full-time study and clinical training with leading homeopaths, led to their advanced clinical training program in New York City (Diploma, School of Homeopathy, DSH), the first four-year clinical training program in the U.S.

I have training in fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology, chemistry, microbiology, anatomy and human disease pathology with special attention upon homeotherapeutics, acute and chronic diseases and the prevention of such through the application of the art and science of classical homeopathy. A constant source of daily inspiration for me are the many leading American, Canadian, Indian and European classical homeopaths and authors from various schools of thought who have trained me. Since 1998, I mentor with leading European clinician, Henny Heudens-Mast. I now, in turn, mentor and supervise homeopaths-in-training here in the U.S.A. I continue to study transpersonal and holistic methods of psychology and I am also a former yoga instructor specializing in those with health limitations. I integrate both interests into my current homeopathic practice.

I urge consumers to locate professional homeopaths through the Council for Homeopathic Certification, a nationally accredited organization that sets the standards for professional practice of Classical Homeopathy in North America. I am a member of the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH), a leading consumer awareness organization that promotes homeopathy in the US health care system and the Holistic Pediatric Association (HPA).

Philosophy: Prevention First


My Five Fundmentals

In all things related to health, we must practice moderation. Imagine, for instance, the disorder created by eating too much or too soon again before the benefits of digesting a meal has gotten underway? Or created by exercising too many hours of every day? Correct balance of blood sugar or hormone levels during digestion or exercise are only a few critical health habits requiring moderation to avoid draining your vitality or strength unnecessarily. Likewise, excessive or aggressive drugging used in conventional medicine takes its toll on the energy you need to resist disease. Just as in digestion or exercise, your vital energies are required to respond to the use of each drug taken. Over-drugging of any kind, which has no place in Classical Homeopathy, depletes the energy required to heal chronic disease.

At New Harmony Health, homeopathy’s unique minimum dose philosophy will shape your personal health habits to strengthen your immunity to infections and chronic illnesses. An indicated homeopathic remedy at the minimum dose or strength, one remedy at a time, increases your vital energies, not weakens them. Over time, this new philosophy deepens your understanding about how to conserve your vital energies, together as body, mind and spirit. You will discover how to heal yourself without further depletion, especially during chronic illness where stagnation of vital healing powers at every level are at play.

Homeopathy offers coherent, simple, yet profound individualized care for you or your family. Common symptoms of any given complaint are far too limited and do not truly guide in a personalized homeopathic remedy selection process. Symptoms unique to the whole person form a total picture of the individual’s illness or imbalance. This totality is necessary in order to select the best remedies when required. We must also practice consistent prevention habits over a lifetime to become healthy and stay that way.

Conventional “disease care”, where synthetic drugs are used to combat local symptoms in chronic disease, can be effective in an emergency or the short term, but not so in the long term. Homeopathy is the original whole person approach to disease prevention and is praised for offering a “slow yet sure” path to wellness, unlike haphazard, “quick fix” approaches which contradict or override the body’s natural defenses.

I help you learn about the unique and varied levels of your health including your personal sensitivities and vitality. Instead of selling you multiple health products for each biological complaint or system in the body, your homeopathic healing process first starts with a more comprehensive understanding of working with nature, not against it. Integrative health approaches can then be more individually balanced with homeopathy to the appropriate time and situation, as needed.

Assessing your true vitality is critical to understanding the energetic imbalances that contribute to illness. Nature teaches how to observe the curative direction in illness recovery and health maintenance. As you rebuild and transform your energies with homeopathy, you must never force nature but rather allow it to conduct its innate healing work in all aspects of your spirit, mind and body. Analyzing the work of one remedy at a time depends upon these critical distinctions. The more biochemically focused conventional and integrative approaches do not emphasize or monitor the direction of cure closely enough.

Hering’s Law of Cure, an observational technique unique to homeopathy that follows the natural direction of disease symptoms, is a necessary discipline to evaluate the correct response to every individualized dose. This technique can also apply to other medicines used. Hering’s Law states that symptoms generally, although not always, improve from above downwards, from vital organs to less vital organs, from the most recent to earliest symptoms and the symptoms disappear in reverse order of their appearance. Symptoms generally worsen in the opposite direction to this natural flow. Understanding this orderly direction of cure preserves the energy needed to heal safely and avoids spending money unnecessarily on a multitude of health products that cannot be individualized or tracked in the same way.

Homeopathic remedies function well in such short-term illnesses as in viral flus and fevers, colds and coughs, allergies, ear, sinus or throat infection, food poisoning, stomach virus’, menstrual cramps or bleedings, sudden bladder infections, or accidents like broken bones or concussion. Skin issues of all kinds like poison ivy, hives, insect bites, burns, boils, chicken pox, etc. also respond quickly. Using homeopathy correctly for common complaints is said to strengthen overall immunity going forward. I have experienced homeopathy’s effectiveness for many common complaints and am trained to be flexible around how our remedies are used at any unexpected times. Remedy potency will vary, and it may be more effective when dissolved in water at more frequent intervals or as dry pellets, depending. Understanding your remedy selection, strength and frequency permits it to act in the gentlest and most curative manner possible for as long as it is needed.

Improving the health of children through homeopathy ensures a better future for the world. As a benefit to your whole family, you will learn better how to avoid more expensive or toxic over-the-counter products. We know they are often very harmful for children and pets but they are also toxic to adults with sensitivities. I can be consulted about current and future vitamin or herbal regimens, including over-the-counter products that best promote, not hinder, you or your family member’s recovery of energy after illness. I will teach you instead about more home care techniques commonly used by our foremothers and often found right in the kitchen. (see Women & Pregnancy resources here).

Homeopathy persists as its own system of disease prevention and health promotion in opposition to artificially invented chemical and steroidal medications, overprescribed antibiotics, synthetic hormones known to harm and disrupt our bodies and the world’s eco-systems. Since its inception in the 1800’s, it remains an ecological and sustainable health care system due to its positive safety record in the body and its respect for natural resources. Natural resources are limited and threatened by careless consumption. For instance, a single medicinal plant will produce thousands or more doses of a homeopathic remedy thus avoiding the environmental depletion and harm caused by excessive pharmaceutical fabrication and sales. In recent decades, mass production and increased sale of precious herbal and/or mineral formulas are stripping natural resources from native habitats that cause permanent imbalance to interdependent global eco-systems.

Buyer beware. “Natural” products flooding the marketplace and the internet may arrive from other parts of the world and/or lack safety or quality regulations. Notably, homeopathic products are sold at a fraction of the cost of other “natural” products but may be sold in pellet form only, in limited potencies or mixed with multiple homeopathic remedies. As such, they are often used without professional supervision. Resulting in mixed results.I help you avoid this hazard and also assist you better in the purchase of appropriate remedies or remedy kits you may want for your home.

Commit to disease prevention and to my five simple, common sense fundamentals to sustain optimal health for yourself, that of your family and the environment over a lifetime.