Cynthia's Holistic Approach

Faulty hormones speak to the trend.

Growing worldwide obesity. Low-quality, refined and processed carbohydrate culprits. Why has becoming overweight and obese doubled since 1980, including in children? The CDC reports an alarming 96 million adults 18 years and older in the U.S. today are “prediabetic” and at risk for several costly and preventable chronic diseases as they age (that is more 1 in 3 people!)

Avoiding high carbohydrate foods and drinks are less important low-quality carbohydrates. 

Unnecessarily imbalanced hormone metabolism called “metabolic syndrome”. One sees predictable greater incidence of physical inactivity and weight gain around the abdomen, mood and sleep disturbances, poor mental performance and disturbed cholesterol or triglyceride levels. The typical American diet is more than 250 grams of carb per day, which contributes to obvious higher-than-normal blood glucose levels and weight gain. Most low-carbohydrate practitioners recommend a more restricted intake of between 20 and 50 grams of carbohydrate per day. Many professionals will recommend that moderate carbohydrate intake is acceptable at an intake of 120-200 grams in order to maintain common sense healthy energy levels and body weight. We must decide for ourselves between which extremes to target our intake.

Decrease distractions while making decisions. Reversable chronic disease. Let’s face it, the food industry fails to promote the kinds of truly whole grains, fruits, plant-based protein, and vegetables our ancestors enjoyed. Adding sugar, salt, and hydrogenated and excessive saturated fats to our foods and drinks sells at greater risks to human, animal and planetary health and profits to companies that promote processed and adulterated foods.

Hormonal and endocrine disruption. Diet is a remarkable source of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). A health care market flooded with more risky drugs, expensive nutraceuticals or over-the-counter products than ever before ultimately confuses, misleads or compounds the problem with specific regard to contaminants of emergency concern (CEC). A decline in how we feel emotionally, mentally or physically cannot be separated from the increase in chronic auto-immune and other inflammatory diseases, leaky gut syndrome or hormonal imbalances contributing to insidious decline in health status such as weight gain and poor health or energy.

Metabolic nutrition and holistic health education speak to a solution.

No manufactured medicines, supplements, herbs, or other dietary substances. Mainstream health care and drug therapy narrowly focuses on diseases in different physical systems. Mainstream nutrition focuses on main food groups and diet alone. I take a more natural and holistic approach to personal health and nutrition to upgrade your knowledge about how we properly metabolize and assimilate foods and drink, at every level of body, mind and spirit. Holistic approaches promote the recovery from chronic diseases and prevents a gradual decline in your physical, mental or emotional health and quality.

Commitment. Knowledge. Power. Inspiration. Motivation. First, know yourself better, which allows for more permanent personal change to emerge and take hold in the future. This critical step to holistic health starts with each of us. I am passionate about teaching how to take the most simple, practical and natural steps possible to sustain the most holistic health care possible. We discuss an inclusive health and nutrition focus, including practical nutritional foundations for you and your family to promote recovery from chronic disease and promote resilience in inborn self-healing powers. We honor connections between mind, body and spirit taken as a one, which is the main focus of using classical homeopathy at New Harmony Homeopath. I will help you connect with common sense basic to feel better from the inside, to the outside.